13 Mar 2015

Salamander marines - bolters ready!

Finally, here they are. My first 30 marines, all bolter armed. I decided that I wanted these boys looked campaign weathered, especially given the salamanders history of drawing the more gritty and drawn out conflicts that other legions shun as having less glory. Washes and black sponging gave an effect I'm pleased with.

The colour scheme was broadly snaffled from the FW website where they have some salamanders holding autocannons and I felt that the way that the bare metal face showed their veneration of the blacksmith's art. Lots of brass and black sprinkled round and the mud splashed up their legs.

Moulded shoulder pads for the Mk IV's and decals for the Mk III's, with painted flames on the other shoulder pad.  I've discovered Tajima grass tufts on eBay and they are fantastic - I can't see myself using anything else from now on so a few more sets could well be ordered.

I've taken the opposite approach to Eddie and gone for the bulk of the grunts first (although I did forget the sargeants) so it's off to the fun stuff for me now :)


Eddy Artillery said...


They are chuffing lovely! I will admit to being rather excited about HH!!

Silverback said...

They look great my friend and the basing sets them off nicely.

Well done you