30 Mar 2015

Pulp City bystanders

As mentioned in my last post, I've got the painting bug back :)

My first post challenge painting was on 9 normal folk for Pulp City, who will be wandering the streets whilst the super heroes create carnage around them. The new version of pulp city has citizens affecting  the game by being secondary objectives that the supers can interact with. I found 3 really nice packs from the reaper chronoscope range and so I bought them and decided to paint them immediately. 3 children, 3 student types and 3 ladies involved in the world's oldest profession.... Although they also wouldn't look out of place In a nightclub queue.

Taking my cue from Eddy's work, on his citizens, I've kept the painting pretty simple - base coats plus washes. They are now ready to be saved/terrorised on the mean streets of pulp city.


Eddy Artillery said...


These coupled with my handful should mean that we have plenty to be getting on with. I'll have to check at home but I've got a feeling that I might even have a few more to paint up.

pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff. Should be more than enough between you. :)

Until you play really big games... :)

Silverback said...

they are very nice indeed.

and I can't wait to kill a few :)