18 Mar 2015

Pulp City powerhouses

As a break from all the heresy salamanders I've been doing, I painted the new "powerhouses" that I treated myself to as part of the Piulp City kickstarter.  The new resin casts were just wonderful and so I couldn't do anything other than paint them immediately.

They are Amok (the red one) and the other one is a stand-in..... You see, the crew I have needs a nature based hero and the old "father oak" metal sculpt didn't really do anything for me. But seeing this chap, who is supposed to be a recently revived Neanderthal, I couldn't help but think that he'd make a great Nature chap, more akin to the spirit of Herne the Hunter. So I bought him in all his resin beauty and I'm jolly glad I did :)

Having one powerhouse was plenty..... But I really, really liked the look of Amok. So I trusted myself to another one. Here he is with a pirate for scale.

I kept to the standard red scenes, so don't be surprised to see the rest of the martial arts themed crew that he hangs around with cross my painting table so I can use him more.

Here they are in an action pose too


Eddy Artillery said...


I was having to resist bumping my unpainted PC stuff up the painting list after the recent new stuff.

I must finish my HH stuff!

So this post hasn't helped!!!!

Figs look awesome matey!

Silverback said...

These are great figures and even better in the flesh/resin

pulpcitizen said...

Fantastic work. I am more than envious as I wait for my own to arrive. :)