6 Mar 2015

Next load complete....nearly.

Today I got to put the final Matt varnish coat over the army painter gloss for the Magos and his Castellax buddies and the two Praetors.
Gotta be nearly 500pts finished all bar the basing which I should finish early next week.

Then on to the infantry! The thought of painting 90+ marines isn't the most thrilling prospect but I'm going to be disciplined and just get stuck in!

As an incentive I shall day-dream about the lovely things I have to make and paint after the marines are done. At the moment in the paint queue is:

Sicaran Battle Tank
Contemptor Dreadnought
Avenger Strike Fighter (ridiculously excited about this!!)
3 Scimitar Jetbikes
3 Rhinos

Still to put together:

Ferrus Manus
Fire Raptor
6 Thallax
2 more Castellax
Another Thanatar (oh yeah baby!!)

This all should keep me going for a while!!


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