17 Mar 2015

More pre-heresy Salamanders

I'm on a roll!

After finishing the 30 bolter chaps, I wanted to treat myself by starting on the support for them, so please find herewith a heavy support unit

5 chaps with Volkite Culverins, nasty weapons that are based on old school plasma tech and so fit the salamander theme and as they aren't available in 40k, I was sold!

I followed the same painting plan as my previous chaps, so they should fit in nicely, with some weathering to the armour and heat damage to the guns.

Next up is a talon of dreadnaughts. One of the things that I like about 30k is the fact you buy vehicles in units, so these three are one elites choice.

Lots and lots of weathering in these chaps.... Possibly too much, but it's all a learning experience!

Bought cheap on eBay, two of the, have had their front plates removed and replaced with venerable dreadnaught fronts. I then used contemptor heads for them as I have converted a couple of my contemptors up.... Which you should see soon.

Multi meltas for two of them to keep with the salamander theme (heavy flamers too, naturally) and one to provide longer range support with autocannons and a missile launcher.


Eddy Artillery said...

Very nice indeed!

Given the nasty rules for the Volkite weapons I wouldn't be surprised if most HH forces end up with a unit of these in it.

I know mine has!!


Silverback said...

Mine will not use Volkite as the DG do not believe in such things - too many moving pieces in them and too techy!