12 Jan 2017

Iron Within, Iron Without!

I've just started the next ten Seraphon at home and I suspect that this might well put me behind on the 365 as the then is an assortment of different beasties that will probably take 2-3 weeks to complete.

With this in mind a I have decided to try and get ahead with the figures that are slated to follow the Seraphon on the paint queue. I boxed up 66 iron warriors and brought them to work with the intention of slowly but surely getting them undercoated over the next couple of weeks during my lunch breaks.

However, it probably won't take that long as I managed to get 21 if them done in one lunchtime. I love the MKIII armour. I never had a favourite power armour type and I've been in 40K since the beginning but now these have very much found a place in my heart. I think it is because they are a touch more gothic and medieval looking than many of the others. I just love them!

The colour looks darker than it is as I've used Gunmetal Grey from the Vallej range, a darkish silver colour. This progress is extra good as it might mean that I can finish these at work and have them ready to varnish and base at the same time as the Seraphon I'm doing at home.

That's the plan now.

We shall see.


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Junt said...

Finished your Ironing yet:)?