30 Jan 2017

Making slow headway

The Seraphon have been fun to paint but they have been slow progress. The Big nasty ones are nice to do but very time consuming with the patterning on the Carnosaurs skin.

Still, I'm fairly pleased with how they have turned out.

These still need a matt varnish and obviously the bases need doing as well. I'll hold off doing these ones until I've completed a few more prior to the Lenton trip. Not long to go but I should still have time enough to get a couple more things finished in time.

Sadly I don't think I'll have a chance to include these two lovelies!

On to the next phase for the Iron Warriors during lunchtimes. Trim picked out in gold prior to a blacking out of the shoulder pads and a wash of Nuln Oil. I do want to do some yellow hazard striping but I might do that sparingly as I suspect it might well be a frustrating task.

Got a new light box like I mentioned in my last post. Managed to completely fail to use it for any of these photos.



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