27 Feb 2017

Busy! Busy! Busy!

So…..its Urn’s fault.

Epic. Out of nowhere.

Urn’s fault. I mean it usually is his fault but he did a bad thing this time.

He unleased me upon the world of Epic.

Little did he know that I have had a hankering to play Epic for ….well….decades. Since it first came out. In my teenage years I had a brief experience with it that lasted long enough for me to fall in love with the visual impact of it shortly before the owner of the grand multitude of wonder proved himself to be an utter tool. One dead titan and he went off to sulk in front of the TV. End of game.
Never got to play it again. I owned a copy of Space Marine and even got round to painting some of the marines up in Ultramarine colours. Then it went away in the loft. Lonely and forgotten.

Until Urn awoke the beast.

So now I’ve brought more than I should have and must restrain myself from buying more on Ebay.
Look what you did Urn!!

The main appeal of Epic for me lies in the Horus Heresy era especially as I was reading White Dwarf during the years when it was full of great epic fluff. As such I decided to echo my 28mm Heresy stuff at the 6mm level. I’ve got Iron Warriors and Iron Hands, the latter of which are in a non-standard colour scheme to match the fluff I have for my 28mm force. I thought I’d start with a couple of test pieces given that it has been a long time since I last painted any Epic.

Iron Warriors

Iron Hands

I was pretty pleased with the testers and proceeded to prep the Iron Warriors force as they would be quicker to get to the table than the Iron Hands.

 Whilst all that has been taking place more buying has been occurring and Urn, Junt and I have been egging each other on. Seeing the super-heavy tanks brought back memories of that short game from so many years ago and I just had to have some!

Some of these are for Junt and Urn. Not all mine honest! 

Now I do like to have all the scenery in place prior to getting a game to the table and seeing that the box sets had loads of buildings in them I couldn’t see that there was much else to add in order to get us started. I have a gaming mat, hills and lots of buildings so the only thing missing was trees. Thankfully I’d ordered a load for the Dystopian Wars games that we’ve been planning so they just needed basing. Once again a test was in order. I used a small piece of black foam core and coating it in sand. Once dry I painted it in mottled browns and greens and punched small holes to fit the trees which were just shoved in with a blob of PVA on the stem. Worked a treat.

So this weekend I knocked up some more! Should be enough….for now. I still have a couple of hundred trees so it’ll be easy to do more if they are needed.

In between working on the 6mm Epic stuff I have been pushing ahead with more 28mm Horus Heresy stuff as well. At home I’ve been doing a little bit on some add-ins for my Mechanicum force and some more Iron Hands…

…and at work I have finished doing the gold trim on the 66 Iron Warriors.

 Lots still to do but they are progressing.

Now I need to get a wiggle on because on the 10th March I'm due to have finished 90 of this years target of 360 figures and I've only got 56 done. Plenty in the pipe line but I need to get some finished!!



JamieM said...

Good lord man, you're like a painter possessed!

Some smashing stuff on the way, I see the butterfly approach is in order with tonnes of stuff on the go and nothing finished ;)

Junt said...

It's always his fault

Greg B said...

Nice stuff guys, good to see "Epic Fever" is intense in other parts of the world!