10 Feb 2017

Games 8, 9, 10 & 11

Game 8 was another fairly easy game of Zombiecide. This was mission number 9 and we stomped them good! 

Game 9 however was X-Wing!

Junt had four different Tie Fighter including one of the new defenders. All a bit unknown to me. I had the Millennium Falcon, a YT2400 & B-Wing.

The combination of the shields, high hull values and two ships with 360 guns proved too much and the Ties folded quickly.


For game 10
The Empire sent in the Decimator, a Tie with a cloaking device and one more fighter as well.

I swapped out the Millennium Falcon for an E-Wing and took a different YT2400. Those along with the B-Wing squared off vs the Imperials.

I concentrated early one with the Tie fighers whilst the Decimator was still closing and some lucky early shots killed the  Ties. After that it was just a matter of chipping away at the big one. Still took me a while and the YT2400 was all I had left at the end. The Decimator is horrible!

 Game 11 was Zombiecide mission 10 and apart from a worrying conga line developing……..

…..we really didn’t have too much trouble. Zombiecide is going away now for awhile but it’ll be back……with add ons!


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