5 Jun 2012

Blood for the... oh you know the rest

Good Evening.

Blood for the Blood God! Erm, sorry. That just sort of slipped out...

Anyway I said I was aiming to complete a squad of Bezerkers by the end of the Jubilee Celebrations and I've got damned close. I'm out tomorrow as the Wife has asked nicely if we can go shopping and then tomorrow night is Gog night so this is as far as it goes.

Is it ok to park the Rhino here?
Another 10 Bezerkers then and their Rhino transport just about ready to join the World Eaters. Just the basing to go which involves sand, washes and 3 highlight colours so hopefully sorted by the end of the week.

For those of you who know this army you'll be blanching no doubt at the fact that this is the 4th squad of Bezerkers thus pushing the total number of these frothing maniacs to 40. Don't worry though as Kharn tends to take care of a few of them each battle!
Blood for the Blood... look do I have to keep saying that?
Paint scheme is dead simple (in fact the basing is the longest job!). Base coat is sprayed using a Desert Sand colour from Humbrol. Then paint on Mechrite Red and Boltgun Metal. Finally add 2 layers of washes: Gryphonne Sepia and Baal Red (have to try the new ones soon to see if they give the same effect).

Thanks to the yellow tinged Sepia and nice Red they go a slight shade of orange...
I have a Shield. Call the Avengers!
I will have to work out how many points of World Eaters I've now completed - got to be 2,500 at a minimum. Will also see about getting a picture of the whole army sorted out as well: might need a wide camera angle for that one.

So what's next? Oddly no more World Eaters for the minute. I have a variety of squads and vehicles that I could add such as Bikers, Possessed, CSM + Rhino, Predator, Obliterators but I want to hold off now until the new Codex is released as I'd hate to invalidate anything.

In the meantime I've picked my next painting project and this will leave the GoGs with their jaws on the deck.

Yes it's time to break out my historical gene. We had such a great game on Saturday of WW2 that I am clearing the decks and starting up my Flames of War dudes...

... the Green Devils, Fallschirmjaeger, are coming to a tabletop near you soon!

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JamieM said...

Nice work on the bloodthirsty ones!

And great news on the FoW FJ - between you and Nat I now have a reason to get on with those Russians I've neglected.

I think you'll enjoy FoW, looking forward to playing :)