24 Jun 2012

Flames of War Soviets come blinking into the light.

So Dave and I have been playing Flames of War in Normandy for absolutely ages.  But in addition to the Germans (who I mainly got as Dave was a staunch British Army fan) I just couldn't resist the Soviets from the little I'd read about WW2.  Which wasn't a lot.  I couldn't tell the difference between a sherman, a tiger and a P4.  But as I collected them, I read more and more and was intrigued.  So did not having an opponent mean I kept my purchasing relatively small?  Ha!  I'm a wargamer and therefore pathologically incapable of applying that kind of logic to purchasing shiny stuff :)

I even put some of it together and undercoat/basecoated it with ary painter.  Heck, I even painted a couple of infantry platoons.  But not many figures compared to the total purchases..... It's probably easier if I show you what I'm talking about....

T-34s!  Both 76's and 85's for those in the know. Which i now am after playing FoW

Errr, more T-34s... And some KVs....

"And you bought all these without an opponent you say?"

"Errr, yes..... But in defence these aren't T-34s!  Does that even help a little bit? No?  Thought not."

Some infantry!  And some even have filler on their bases....
More infantry!  And trucks... and recce vehicles.... and.....

Hurrah - some painted ones at last!

Oops... back to not really painted ones.....

So Von's decision to really go for it with his FJ has cheered me up no end - I get a chance to use the Soviets!  It's amazing how much more I'm incentivised to work on them now I know there is some game time coming up.  And looks like this might also inspire Eddie to get some Germans finished to give me two opponents.  Excellent!

The plan is to get at least a 1500 point army ready for play and go from there.  I'm excited by this - new version of the rules, new army, new opponents and what more could a gamer ask for? :)


Von said...

Holy Mother Russia that's a lot of tanks!!!

Scared to think how many you will end up with now that you have opponents to face.

Good job I've bought some Hetzers and Marder tank hunters (big gun, no armour) to whittle those down. No doubt Pz4 will follow as well and I fully expect a Tiger at some point because... Well it's a Tiger!!

Really looking forward to seeing your painted Russians take on my eventually painted FJ.

This should be epic!!

Eddy Artillery said...

Thank God I painted my tanks first!!

Righto. I get the hint. Finish your FoW Eddy!