24 Jun 2012

The Covenant of Antarctica sail in!

I'm on a bit of a hobby frenzy at the moment, knowing that any day now my hobby time will be cut to zero and who knows when I'll get it back (I've just realised that this sounds a little like I'm going to prison, doesn't it?!).

Anyway, having culled a bunch of things from the garage and sticking them on eBay, the second prong of my hobby attack was to paint stuff.  Ingenious, eh? :)

So, here are the first of the things I've recently painted, my Dystopian wars fleet.  Ronseal Wood filler from a tub for the base as this holds it's shape marvellously for the waves and showing the direction the ships are travelling (as some are somewhat hard to tell the front from the back!)
Lots and lots of ickle ships

I went with the paint scheme from the box, blue and green distortion camo and decided to have quite a rough sea to make them stand out.

All the big ships and a Time Orb by Jove!  No idea what it did when I bought it, but how can you resist a TIME ORRRRRRRRRRRRB!!!!!

I'm really rather pleased with the results...... and someone tell me that we will play this game at some point.......  Right?  Lads?!?!?


Von said...

Very cool (see what I did there? Antarctica, Cool? No... damn!)

Seriously it's good to see these boys out and about and looking very snazzy. Particularly like the bases and good to see that Ronseal does what it says on the tin.

As for playing it, erm, we'll come visit you in prison.. jail.. nappy hell...

Eddy Artillery said...

Jail... Nappy hell? What's the difference?;-)

Ships look ace mate!

JamieM said...

Thanks chaps - figured there was just too much resin lying around and the ships really are rather nice after all.

Perhaps I can book my first game in for 2013, back half there of?