8 Oct 2012

Apparently there's a new Codex on the block


Sorry. Did you say something? I was a little distracted by my new pet dragon.

Yes I have a brand new Heldrake for my World Eaters army. Picked him up on release day (Saturday), built, undercoated and basecoated Sunday. He's very nice although the wings are a bit of a pain with a single ball joint trying to hold a lot of weight: let's see how long they last.

He goes out tomorrow for his first outing with the new Codex and we'll see if he gets passed turn 2...

He is bringing a little friend along as well:

That's right he's bringing his own pet Maulerfiend to the party.

I have no idea whether these two units are any good in the game but I love how they look and that will do me fine when designing an army list.

Tomorrow the forces of World Eaters and Word Bearers will unite. Let's see how many skulls we can collect as we try out our new Codex.

Blood for the Blood Dragon!


JamieM said...

Huzzah and hurrah for new figures taking to the battlefield!

The word bearing but jobs stand ready to support :)

Eddy Artillery said...

EEEeeeekkk Run!!!

Its the chaos chicken!!!


Looks like it will be fun to paint.

I take it that you didn't pin the wings?