15 Oct 2012

Madness. World Eater Style

Madness. Sheer, absolute madness.

Not the Eighties group but what I've managed to talk myself into. You see the standard state of a wargamer's army is incomplete and somewhat huge. Why buy just what you need for the 1500 point army when 8000 points will do? Right?

3,300 Points of World Eaters
The GoGs are no exception and we've been marvelling at the size of Eddy's... (quiet at the back)... armies for some time. His Howling Griffons and Eldar are massive and both well over 6000 points painted I suspect.

Kharn's Current Kill Count. Not the Enemy. His own side!

Current unit of 10 Berzerkers. Icon of Wrath now required!
We also keep saying that we must take advantage of the tables at the WHC more often and thus was born the desire to pit the 6000 point armies against each other. Now, for most people that would be enough: 2 x 6000 points going to war: not the GoGs obviously. No. We want at least 24000 points on the table thank you very much.

See this Axe? It's really a Mace. Honest :-)
Which brings me to my current madness. You see I want to take the World Eaters to this as I'm loving the new Codex, I have new units to add and I adore the paint scheme that came about a little by accident.

The Stuff that needs to be added. Minus the light that snuck in!
HelDRAKE! A bit fiddly to paint is an understatement
My current points level is about 3,300 painted. A quick piece of maths shows a deficit of 2,700 points that is required to be completed. I would say I need to buy the balance but actually I have about 6,500 points of World Eaters sat waiting in various stages of buildingness from in sealed boxes to basecoated. We have decided to set a deadline for Easter 2013 for this.

Remember Tiger the Obliterator? He's Back!
I therefore have 5.5 months to complete 2,700 points. Or as we like to call it: Oh Bloody hell what have I just volunteered for??!

Zealots! These guys should last ages on the battlefield. Or not.
Look what the Guys bought me! Thanks Chaps!
So a quick order in to GW for some more World Eaters shoulder pads + some other bits and an order to Triple Helix for a box of Berzerkers and a single Chaos Bike sees me with everything I need to complete the task. All I need now is to knuckle down and crack on...

The Possessed are back out of their box of shame!
... expect regular updates as the months countdown.

I'm a Maulerfiend. I'm new. I like to wave at my dinner.
Paint for the Paint God!

Here's the current plan of an Army List. It may change as time progresses or if new kits come out!

Kharn the Betrayer (Warlord) (done)
Chaos Lord (Terminator) (done)
Daemon Prince (done)
Chaos Lord (Zhufor - Terminator)
Chaos Lord (Dark Vengeance Power Armour)

Khorne Berzerkers x16 (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x16 (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x10 + Rhino (9 done: new Icon Bearer)
Khorne Berzerkers x9 (8 done: new Icon Bearer)
Chaos Space Marines x15
Chaos Cultists x10 (built)
Chaos Cultists x10 (built)

Possessed x8 (built)
Terminators x5 (done)
Chosen x6 (built) + Rhino
Helbrute (done)
Helbrute (done)

Fast Attack
Raptors x10 (done)
Warp Talons x5
HelDRAKE (built)
Chaos Bikers x6

Heavy Support
Land Raider (done)
Land Raider (done)
Vindicator (done)
Maulerfiend (built)
Defiler (done)
Obliterators x3 (built)


JamieM said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again..... You lit are mad! Which just makes me proud to game with you lunatics :)

The army is coming on great guns with the hellCHICKEN getting some paint since last week and that actually gives me reason to believe that you just might manage it! Good luck and I'll be watching with interest.

Silverback said...

Sorry to tell you this, but after the count, 8,000pts is this seasons new 6,000pts :)