8 Oct 2012


I was kindly given one of the fantastic Warmill scenery sets by the GoGs for my birthday and I could not help myself so I got stuck stright in at the weekend.

Lovely kits. They go together beautifully and have loads of bold detail that makes them seriously cool looking! Love 'Em! I've not gotten to the walkways that came with the kit yet and I might hav a tinker with those to see what possibilities they have. They look fab as walkways around the pods but I don't think it will take much to have them a modular walkways that can be versitile. The plans in the box positively seem to encourage it!.

Thanks Gogs!


Silverback said...

they look very nice indeed. shame we cant replicate them for a large piece.

enjoy the walkways and the painting

JamieM said...

Is that a challenge to Eddie that I see cleverly hidden in your comment Silverback? ;)

They do look very nice, looking forward to starting this game up alongside all the others we have :)

Eddy Artillery said...

They are really cool. Lift off roofs mean that the inside is not dead space and in infinity that is a very usuable thing.

They'll work well for 40K as well. the walkways might even double up as Aegis Line.

Pulp Citizen said...

Very cool; did not know the roofs lifted off.

Very tempting...

Von said...

Very nice indeed. I look forward to dying around those sometime in the future!