22 Oct 2012

It makes me feel like dancing!!!

What turning into a shelf tidying exercise turned into me making another building for the table. 

Oh and another 24 grots and 4 slavers painted.  Including these 2 cheerleaders ... both of whom are having a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson :)


JamieM said...

Good work on building the table up even further - more terrain = more fun! Nice work on the details too as it makes the stuff stand out and helps the visual spectacle.

More grots?!?!?! we'll be drowning in a sea of them soon!

And I'm still managing to resist zooming in to get a better look at the wardrobe malfunctions that I'm sure you spent a fair bit of time and effort painting highlights on ;)

Eddy Artillery said...

Why do I get the impression those Grots are going to haunt me when we play the BIG game.

Jay is right. You can never have enough terrain!!

Von said...

I particularly like the cunning hole at the front of the building for trapping the unwary with no way out!

Seriously though: excellent work and it really makes me want to dig my buildings out and crack on with them. One day...