21 Oct 2012

Is that a Fortification?

Thought I'd drop in and provide an update on my progress to the 6,000 points of World Eaters.

Remember that list I presented last time and suggested it might change? Well it has. I've decided to add an Aegis Defence Line as frankly flyers are a bugger to deal with and anything that is Heavy4 Twin Linked stands a chance of, at the very least, forcing them to evade.

This week's challenge is...
You'll see I've added a couple of things to try to make it a little unique. Spikes (of course), Khornate Symbols and some statues/banners from various kits that I had lying around (as you do). I have razorwire to add once it has all been completed.

I have Skyfire and Interceptor don't you know?

With a Tournament looming in Sutton next Saturday I desperately need to get the Aegis and 2 Obliterators done! We're using the old Chaos Codex for this one so the HelDrake was able to step down the panic requirements.

Mind you he's needed for the weekend after Sutton across in Bristol. I do so like a deadline to work to!

Here's Tiger and his pal. All done except the bases and some skin highlights. Love the faces on these guys as they seem to be smiling: or have gas. Hopefully get them completed this week. The Aegis will probably not be fully done by Saturday but it should be close enough so I can take it along. Aiming to have it to the point where the basing is required and then finish it in time for Bristol.

And finally the Heldrake. Only the red wash to go and he's tabletop ready. Ideally want to get a highlight onto the actual deamon flesh but that can wait - just as on the Obliterators.

So yes it has been a very busy week and weekend. More to come during the week as I push to complete the models for the next couple of weekends and then I can take it a bit easier! Yeah. Right. Like that's going to happen with 2,500 points to paint in 5 months.


Silverback said...

very nice work on the figures and fortification.

Is it me or both the oblits smiling?? Maybe they are just happy to be there.

JamieM said...

I do like that heldrake paint job (and I called it by its proper name too!) even before the final wash - very nice work!

Good idea to personalise the aegis line too, it's a new area ripe for this sort of thing and yours are coming along very nicely.

Eddy Artillery said...

I dunno what this Heldrake thing Urn is talking about but I really like the Helchicken! ;-)

I think the Aegis line is the new black!!