28 Dec 2013

Colouring in Eldar

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

The weather finally broke on Xmas Eve and out came the spray cans: everything turned a nice shade of Alien Purple courtesy of Army Painter. I'm pretty sure my face also went an interesting shade thanks to the wind...

Since then Christmas has interrupted and I even managed to take this army out for a spin on Boxing Day. Yesterday though was painting day and it took 4 attempts to get the colour scheme anywhere near something I like.

Here's the Wraithguard tester who has about 4 layers of paint on his gun before the blues you can see. Tell you I'm terrible at choosing schemes on the fly.

So yes he's purple and blue. Yellow just didn't want to work properly for me and as I'm speed painting I decided to go for colours I know work together... and I need to sort the cable out.

The body is Alien Purple with highlights of Genestealer Purple and Lucius Lilac (first time trying Citadel Dry paint and it's really rather good). The blues are Caledor Sky, Teclis Blue and then Lothern Blue.

At the minute the score is:
1 Wraithguard to be based
4 Wraithguard to be highlighted
5 Wraithguard to be blued
1 Wave Serpent to be blued
Spiritseer undercoated
Everything else at Alien Purple stage
2 Vypers to be delivered

Aim is to complete the Wraithguard, Wave Serpents and Wraithlord by end of Jan 1. Then I'm back to work so time will become a challenge again!

27 days to go


pulpcitizen said...

Purple and blue works, so good start on the hairy sticking there! :)

JamieM said...

good lord, if you carry on at this rate you'll actually be able to start something else on the shelves of holding in 2014!

Excellent work so far, looking very swish for dead things :)

Eddy Artillery said...

Sterling work Mr Fox!