23 Dec 2013

Rollin, rollin, erm, skimmin, skimmin, skimmin...

Well something quite momentous has occurred. On Saturday I picked up some pieces for my new Eldar army - Wave Serpents, Fire Prism and Wraithlord. As of today the 3 skimmers are built and ready for painting!

I know. Wargame items being purchased and built in the same weekend; I believe Armageddon is next week... poor old shelves didn't even see these boxes and several words were exchanged between these new upstarts and various items that have been sat on said shelves for years.

Anyway, here they are. Have to say the Fire Prism cannon is a monster!

As with the flyer I've decided to stick the canopy down ahead of time so I can paint over it; afterall what self-respecting Ghost army actually uses pilots??

One final question: how the hell do 5 Wraithguard and a Spiritseer fit in the back of a Wave Serpent?!

33 days to go.


Eddy Artillery said...

Uh O!

Watch out for the field blasts from those naughty serpents!

I mean who'd use cheesy Serpents right? ;-)

pulpcitizen said...

Bloody hell; takes me weeks to put vehicles together. And by weeks I mean years (I have at least 4-5 part complete GW vehicle kits from several years back...).

Time for painting yet?