19 Dec 2013

Velc-Jenn go Airfix

Well OK not quite Airfix but building the Eldar Flyer took me back to my youth (yes, they did have model airplanes then and no I didn't have to hunt down dinosaurs for glue).

Nice looking model this Crimson Hunter and has gone together very nicely so far.

Oh and the Wraithguard have now been completed.

Finish off the plane tomorrow and then decide what diorama to build for its base as I have a few spare parts floating about...

38 Days to go


pulpcitizen said...

As I hate assembling and prepping models more than I dislike painting them (gamer first!), I admire your tenacity sir. :)

Von said...

I enjoy prepping and assembling plastic models and in particular GW. It's when I need superglue that things usually go badly!