18 Dec 2013

Velc-Jenn Challenge Day 2

Second Wraithguard squad nearly complete. Just need to add the arms and head. Will do this tomorrow night as need the glue between torso and legs to dry first... otherwise it starts swiveling when putting the arms in place!

Not a bad effort as I didn't get to the hobby table until 10:30pm tonight.

Tomorrow I'll finish this squad and start in on building the Crimson Hunter.

After that it's a trip to Triple Helix on Saturday to pick up any of my order that has arrived including some purple spray. I'm thinking purple and yellow as their main colours and then maybe a touch of blue, black and something else for any jewels. No doubt that will change as time progresses...

39 Days to go.

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pulpcitizen said...

Good luck with the challenge. :)

Tournaments did me a world of good: 4 armies painted as a consequence of tournaments that would never have been painted otherwise. :)