30 Dec 2013

Spirits be praised

Remember my target by end of 1st Jan? Well reached it today. Very happy indeed with the progress so far.

This means I can now try to get the Fire Prism and Crimson (Purple) Hunter completed in their 3 colour basics by end 1st Jan. If I can do that then I can spend a bit more time on the Spiritseer who is demanding non-speed painting as he's in charge...

So what have I achieved so far then? Well see the picture above.

All these models now have 3 colours so could go on to a battlefield near you. They need some tidying up, especially the Wave Serpents around the cockpits, but they are basically ready to go. If time is short then I'll just add some grey basing (same style as my World Eaters) and go with the army as they are above.

Hopefully I can find some time to get the other blues and purples involved and get them highlighted up like the sole Wraithguard below:

So 2013 ends with a hobby bang; let's hope I can continue this once 2014 dawns and work re-enters the frame.

26 days to go


pulpcitizen said...

Excellent stuff. A few years away from army painting for me, but thinking back to the time needed makes me impressed nonetheless. :)

Silverback said...

I am gobsmacked at your productivity, well done m8. Keep the hairy stick working!