14 Sept 2017

Game 34

34 was a cracking game with Fark and the Silverfox bringing the Imperials up against my Eldar.

I felt confident with my wave serpents drawn up against to smallish armies of marines. I knew that the ravenwing Terminators traditionally died to massed firepower and I'd brought that to the table! Oh yeah I'm gunna shoot me some termina......


No I'm not. They are as tough as old boots! And then once you finally managed to kill the fecker with the stormshield who fends off all the Reaper missiles.....the Apothecary brings him back the next round. Git!

The terminators weathered a hail of shots round after round seized the objective and I just couldn't stop them strolling off with it. A solid win for the Imperials. I should have been much more aggressive and steamed forward.

We learned in this game that the cover save added to power armour makes Devastator squads hard to kill. Oh my yes they are hard to get rid of!


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