15 Aug 2011

Malifaux - The Miners and Steamfitters Union

Having purchased the Ramos starter pack for the Arcanists in Malifaux I wanted to expand these.

So, Ramos, the Steampunk beastie and the spiders (not a name for a 60s rockband) have been joined by

Mobile toolkit
Brass Arachnid
Injun Joss
Rusty Alice
Electrical Creation
Ice Golem - not sure why yet, apart from he is cool model.
and of course... more spiders.


Eddy Artillery said...

It's enough to give you aracnophobia (spl?)!!!!

That ice chappie figure is well....umm..COOL!

JamieM said...

The executioner and niƱo are looking forward to meeting these steampunk monsters.... Even if I'm not!

Von said...

Oh goody. More spiders...

I really hope my re-inforcements turn up soon as I suspect I'm going to need help against that lot!