29 Aug 2011

Pulp City

So as you are now aware the latest game to hit the GOG group with regards figures and scenery is Pulp City.

This is a game of super heroes and villians set in the 1980s.  Se we have had to explain to Urn about the 1980s as he doesn't remember the first half of them due to his tender age.

Anyway, onto the figures.  Whilst the 3 more comic mad GOGs grabbed at various charcters that they could relate to I chose the Heavy Metal team/crew/gang/informal arrangement for 2 reasons:

1.  I like Heavy Metal music.
2.  They seemed like a good old round crew with regards models and theme.

They are now painted and ready to hit the streets to kick some super-villian/alien/APE butt.

A couple of close ups, and for those of you familiar with the game, you will notice I have 2 unusual additions to the team in the form of the glorious Kitty Cheshire and the Grimm.  These figures are really exceptional and bags full of character - a big well done to the sculptor.  Figures like that are so easy to paint.


pulpcitizen said...

Ruddy 'eck! You guys are speedy; took me months to paint that many minis!

Silverback said...

speedy yes - very very keen to get this game going. And once one has their figures painted - it puts pressure on the others.

JamieM said...

Silverback, you once again shame us with your speed painting abilities.... Plenty of time now for you to get those pavements painted up ;)

Eddy Artillery said...

Holy Heavy Metal Silverbackman!

Little did these 'supremes' know that their very exsistance led to the rise of the Apes!!!!

umm. Once I've painted them. But mark my words....the REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!!!


(nice painting oh speedy one!)