17 Aug 2011

We built this city....

we built this city on rock and rollllll!!!!!!

Urmm. Sorry.

I couldn't help it.

Anyhooo. As the Silverback pointed out, the GoGs have been getting organised and after the Silverbacks cheeky (but accurate) summation of my recent efforts I was galvanised into action.

I'd spotted a really nice terrain set on Ainsty's website. It was nice. The price wasn't. £75 for one warehouse. Don't get me wrong...it is very nice. So are knee caps that don't have rolling pin shaped dents in them.

Needless to say budget dictated a build, rather than buy, approach to my first piece of Pulp City terrain. After seeing the jaw-dropping work of Emmanuel Nouaillier I decided to try a foamcore & bluefoam construction to maximise strength vs detail.

So here is the first work in progress piccie. You can see the inner walls which are made from foamcore. I've etched breeze block sized gridding into these to represent the internal walls and then the blue foam has been etched with a more brick like sized grid. The walls aren't stuck together yet as I need to do some trim work on the doorways and also make some removable doors for the big loading bays.

I'm quite please with the direction it is taking so far. I'm intending to mount it on board which will be shaped and detailed to be the pavement around the building and I'm going to make a flat detachable roof with a surrounding wall to finish it off.

In game I'm intending to use some general cargo bits and bobs to add to the internal space to make it look 'in use'.


Silverback said...

Wow if I spurred you on to do that, I will wind you up more often!!!

Very nice start, those bricks look great

JamieM said...

Wow - really nice! That brickwork looks great and should complement my, errrrr, slightly simpler designs nicely :)

Mind you, the forklifts and small trucks will look great parked outside that for a theme board.

And how big is it?