30 Aug 2011

Say hello to my leetle friends....

So, updation blog entry here to show off firstly the Gunslinger Ortega crew for malifaux, ready to re-claim the night from all those horrible mechanical spiders, undead zombettes and mercenary scumbags :)
As with Criid's crew, I've used the red to tie them into the faction and the long coats were great fun to paint.
The second update is the Pulp City figures, all stuck together and ready for painting. The bases on these were holding me up as I didn't want to use the old "sand + wash + highlight" on them as they should be in the middle of an american city. I eventually decided just to bite the bullet and make my own, so you may be able to see that they're plasticard inserts with pavement slabs etched in. Simple, but I'm pleased with the results and it saved me a bundle on custom bases :)
I also decided that the flying heroes should, well, fly! So I used magnets to attach them to some spare GW flying bases (the diameter is only 1mm out from the normal bases) and you can see the effects on perun and Solar above. I magnetised them on the basis we don't know how to play the game, so they can be take off for LoS checking if needed and I may even do them normal bases that they can be stuck to if I'm feeling creative and get the time....
Some green stuff needed on most of these guys before painting (especially the zombie wolf whose right and left sides are only vaguely acquianted) but shouldn't take too long and then they'll get on the table!


Eddy Artillery said...

We really do have a ridiculous number of figures for this already don't we!

Malifaux looking nice dude and I can't wait to see the PC figs painted!

I think I may have left myself open to spending more money. The Apes don't have any spandexed supremes! I have a hankering to paint someone in Spandex!

Don't I need help?

JamieM said...

I was surprised when you decided against any spandex clad lunatics on your first order - it was the biggest draw for me!

So no, I don't think you need help as I feel the same about spandex as you do :)

pulpcitizen said...

Looking nice on the PC front and the Malifaux crew has turned out well. Kudos. :)