26 Aug 2011

A thumbs up from the GoGs!

How cool are these Super-special Pulp City diced? Kindly sourced by our Tea Urn from the chap who is behind the wonderful "Pulp Citizen" blog.

We really are rather weak when it comes to all the fringe goodies available for gaming.


Nice one Citizen!!!


JamieM said...

Good blogging that man! Glad they look as good to you as they did to me :)

With our resident painting machine now having taken on a lot of the scenery we'd best get cracking on our supremes so that we have some figures to fight over it!

Eddy Artillery said...

Knowing the Silverbacks painting rate...I reckon that we've got at least until ummm...Monday to get our Supremes painted!!

pulpcitizen said...

Nice to see those dice gents!

Looking forwards to your terrain and minis; eagerly awaiting updates!