2 Jul 2012

Back in the Groove

Well it has been a while, but since my step back into work I have finally found some time to get painting again.

Since I sold my Sisters of Battle Army for a nice large lump sum, I have invested it in adding to my existing forces.  My plan is quiet simple:
  • Bring the Necrons up to date with the new release.
  • Enhance my Tyranids into a force that can be deployed in a variety of ways, not just based around the Swarmlord.
  • Have enough Orks to face Nick or Nathan at a 5,000 point game...... and that is a lot of orks.
So with those plans in my mind, I have started work on multiple fronts.

After a couple of bargains, I have 60+ ork boyz to paint, plus another 30 burnas/lootas etc and another 30 grots :)  Oh and an ork flyer!

Then I landed an exceptionally painted Nid army, which means to keep a consistent these I need to repaint a number of models to keep them all the same - not much work but it will keep me busy!

You can see the light blue of a necron test figure - I need to acquire some new Blue wash to finish that and the same blue on the pilot of the barge.  I hope you can see the rust weathering on all the necron vehicles (done using the hairspray technique).


JamieM said...

That flyer is looking absolutely spiffing! The weathering works really well on it.

I always feel sorry for the figures we all have in the background of these group shots who just can't make it to the front of the painting queue, no matter how hard they try ;)

Eddy Artillery said...

Seconded on the Flyer!

I love the blue Necrons it makes them look suitably cool and unrelenting.

5000pts of Orks eh? Lets hope the new snapfire rule works when they come 'Dawn of War'ing over the hill at me!

I am looking forward to THAT game!
I might just be able to field all of my terminators for that! ;-)

Von said...

Great to see you back and getting into the groove Silverback!

Blue Necrons are ace and that flyer is a beautiful model. Weathering technique is coming along very nicely.

5k points eh? With the new allies rules my World Eaters have already sent out party invites to the Bloodthirster and his Daemonic buddies so we should be well within reach of a mere 5k.