19 Jul 2012

Taking stock part 2

Continuing my rationalisation of my wargaming kit I have dug out the buildings I have for FoW with a veiw to getting these finished and all stored in an accessable and easily transportable format much like I have done with my tree collection.

However I've got a bit of work to do before that point. ;-)

The finished ones consist of mainly Fieldworks pieces with a new(ish) HDF building from Warbases. The Radar Mast is from Antenocenti and I think it is a lovely little model. Most of the Fieldworks were brought as 10mm for playing BKC but they work at 15mm as well in my opinion.
There are a couple of teeny tiny houses that are really true 10mm which I will still use. Hey! they can be outhouses and farm buildings. The pale resin pile is a farm set from, I think, the Plastic Soldier Company's stand. It is a little large for a 15mm piece but not enough to worry. There is also the Cafe du Normandie from Warbase, two more Fieldworks ruins and a set of European Western Front houses from King & Kerr. These are the first ones I've got from King & Kerr and I'm interested to see how well they paint up.

Now all I need is a dry day to spray them with undercoat and I'll be able to slap a bit of paint on them to get them finished. The dry day is the first challenge given what the weather has been like lately!


Silverback said...

Looking good - that is a whole lot of village!!

Junt said...

You are still going to need hedges, fences, fields and bushes, better get cracking :)