2 Jul 2012

Fallschirmjager reporting in

Another decent weekend of hobby time, in amongst family fun and shopping trips.

The Fallschirmjager continue apace and platoon #1 is pretty much done now. Have to sort out the washes and basing but quite pleased so far.

Platoon 1 reporting in for duty mein Herr

After a couple of games one of the things I'm really liking about FoW is the scenarios. They are very different to what I'm used to and my set up in each game so far has been great for 40K but not FoW. For instance last week I was defending so put out my AT, Mortars and HMG teams in what seemed a cracking defensive position.

Unfortunately it became obvious very quickly that because I had nothing on one of the objectives that it would fall very quickly so my HMG teams ended up in a 100m dash... obviously they were wiped out!

With a bit more thought I should have played with combat teams and added the HMG to my 9 base platoon above and my company HQ with Panzerschreks and dug them all in around the objective. Now try shifting fearless veterans from there whilst I wait for my reinforcements to arrive.

The other thing I'm liking is the fact that mobility is key in some scenarios. AT guns are great and all but once they are flanked or the enemy closes they are stuffed. So I'm now looking to enhance my AT capabilities with some Tank Hunters. Always been partial to Hetzers but for now I'm going with some really poorly armoured Marder IIIH.

Why? Well the short answer is because I can. This is something else I'm liking about FoW: you can take the apparently weak stuff and still achieve some amazing results. Plus I just like the idea of vehicles with armour 1 that also pack a 7.5cm PaK40 gun and some serious AT12. Take that T34s...

Look at the barrels on those boys

I will probably end up with a couple more to make the full squadron. My AT guns are 240 points for 4 and these boys come in at 260 points for 4 so not a bad swap. Will have to see how they do as I fully expect them to brew up at the slightest sneeze in their direction.

Open topped for that +1 damage roll. Oh hang on...
And here are the crew of the Marders all ready and, erm, well not ready at all to be honest. Will get these Tank Hunters painted up once my German Armour spray arrives.

Now my FJ list comes from Grey Wolf. One of the things I've been doing this weekend is looking at the Earth & Steel book to see what differences are involved with fielding these boys against the Western allies.

Jumping off the page so far are the Panther A tanks of the SS. Yes I can take 3 of these for the princely sum of 600+ points. Sheesh. Still I do like a nice Panther and it would be rude not to right? Right?


Silverback said...

Very nice to see you moving forward with your FJ; the hobby bug has certainly bitten you at the moment!

Don't forget 15mm is no excuse for fully insignia and weathering!!!

JamieM said...

Excellent stuff Von! The FoW table will be looking even better with all the advances to painting.

And flimsy armour with great guns is the way forward, the SU-57s certainly showed that it can be an effective combination :)

Eddy Artillery said...

**smiles evilly at the thought of the 4 Panthers sat at home already undercoated**


Von said...

4 Panthers?! Really? Scary man....

Decals and weathering are on my to do list for the vehicles as it will finish them off nicely.

Having taken the decision to finally paint the FJ I seem to have awakened some historical gaming gene that has me really enjoying putting this army together. Odd as I thought that gene was well and truly deceased!

Also seems odd buying a tank for under £7 when a tank in 40k is well over £30! Granted you normally need 3 or 4 but it just feels weird spending under a tenner for something!

4 Panthers?! Really?