30 Jul 2012


Undercoating is one of those annoying things at the moment. I'm not getting a lot of time for hobbying so I really don't want to waste it messing around with my airbrush to undercoat figures. This means that I'm slaved to spray undercoat until I have a whole afternoon to amke using the airbrush worth the while.

I'd wondered if there was a cheap option for undercoat sprays and this curiosity led me to find myself in the local cars spares shop looking at their massive variety of paints. Clearly most of them are unsuited for any wargaming related use but the little old tin in the picture caught my eye. Oh yes it did. ;-)

Matt White acrylic spray 400ml for £5.49.

Lets compare this to GW spray.

Matt White acrylic spray 400ml for £9.50rrp.

One little old fashion plastic gretchin got the vote to be the first victim test figure and I have to say that part of me thought it was goodbye when he was plonked outside ready to get a blast of this stuff.

The gretchin is still smiling! So was I once I had tested a few normal figure paints, washes and inks on him a couple of days later. Its fine. Perfectly fine for undercoating figures and at half the price.....well I'm sold.

It actually even smells like GW undercoat and part of me would not be surprised if it is the same manufacturer behind both brands ultimately.


JamieM said...

Good shout, probably exactly the same factory as you say!

Silverback said...

I always found that some of these car sprays sent out too much paint in one hit and could swamp the figure when you least expected it.

That said it might be the same stuff.

My new grav airbrush is even quicker to clean than the older one :) So I love it :)

Junt said...

Poundland do a range of sprays, black and white in gloss and matt, grey primer and a silver. Tested the black and silver on scenery and was really good, just tried it on some Riders of Rohan, a little bit thick but probably my technique due to lack of sleep. And at a quid you can't complain.

Eddy Artillery said...

Good to know!

Thx Junt