5 Jul 2012

I've got wood.

I was moaning yesterday in an email to the Gogs about my inability to finish things at the moment. Once home I peered into my study and it struck me just how much it was annoying me that I had once again let some of these little projects build up. I decided to try and get a few cleared.

First up. Trees.
I had always been looking for a cheap way to make trees and had never really found a process that I liked or had time to do (Don’t mention the Broccoli trees – a moment of madness). In the end I had resolved to buy them slowly but surely, a few at a time, at gaming shows. That way I would not dent my gaming budget or shock myself out of buying more by worrying about the total spend on trees! This had worked well and I’d brought a few when I happened across three bags of trees in someone’s bargain bin. £5 per bag with ten trees in each bag. Thirty trees for £15? Sold! The only drawback was that they needed basing. Not a problem I thought. That’s a quick job. Hmmmmm. They always seem to be quick jobs at that point don’t they.

Anyway……nearly a year later and I have decided to get these sorted and out of the way. Once finished I will have 40-50 odd trees in total that I can use for 28mm or 15mm. That’ll be enough.

I’d cut the bases already so last night I forged ahead and got the bases sanded, textured and the trees stuck to them. They only need a quick paint job on the bases and they will be done. Turns out they are just a quick job after all. It’ll be nice to have them done once and for all.


JamieM said...

It's amazing how much terrain affects the look of the tabletop, especially with FoW as it covers so much if the table top, so good work on getting these sorted!

Eddy Artillery said...

I've often thought that we've been a bit remiss when it comes to trees.

pulpcitizen said...

It is always good to get a long-standing project finished. Well done mate. :)

Silverback said...

and not a piece of Broccoli in sight