30 Jul 2012

Is Fimo the answer? **Picture Update**

Years ago I made up some textured bases with the intention of maybe casting them. Needless to say that I never got around to that. :-/

However....last year an old friend called Junta (who happens to follow this blog) introduced me to 'Instamold'. Now this stuff goes soft in hot water, takes impressions of surface details and is re-useable. Great! It got me to thinking that I could use it to take impressions of the tops of my textured bases and then use the instamold as press-molds. Guess what? It worked but the question came down to what should be used to press into the molds.

My first thought was Green Stuff but it turned out to be a bit to spongey for that. I then tried some Pro-Create and it turned out okay so I thought I'd probably end up using that. However, whilst mooching around in an art shop I came across some Fimo heat hardened polymer clay. I'd seen the stuff before but never used it. What caught my eye was the fact that it was in a metallic colour. So I decided to give it a try and it actually works really quite well. Easy to press into the mold and then set-off with a 30 minute blast (110 degrees) in the oven. They will need a quick trim but the Fimo isn't brittle and sands fairly well.

So these little lovelies will be going on top of my possibly, maybe soon to be addressed pile of Infinity figures. Sadly in this photo the base toppers are up side down so you can't see the deck grating textures.


Eddy Artillery said...

I really should have called this post "Finding Fimo" ;-)

JamieM said...

Good work, I remember fimo as being a sort of early 90's version of milliput that wasn't very good, so glad to see it's come on with some useful colours.

Will it still need painting up or just washing?

Eddy Artillery said...

Yeah I'll still paint it but it struck me that it could be good to weather the bases by just scratching them and dusting them with rust powder before the varnish. I really looking forward to doing hte Infinity figures....if I find the time!

Silverback said...

Trust you to find something decent in Hobbycraft while looking at cake accessories :)

Eddy Artillery said...

How did you know!?!


Junt said...

Really interested to see how this comes out as it may be the answer to my current basing issue