13 Mar 2014

Don't stop me now!

'Cos' I'm having a good time!!

Loving this current war-gaming buzz going on as I am seriously motivated. Yesterday lunchtime I got some Shadow Spectres undercoated along with the Yu Jing starter set. Last night I decided, after playing with Maya Net, that I needed to convert one of my Keisotsu into a sniper and this was easily done with a length of tubular sprue. I went for the look of a nice fat suppressor and I don't think it turned out to badly. Unlike my photo of it.

I also got time to add some paint to these guys but as I've decided to use the wet palette approach and that means lots on thin layers of paint and that in turn means that the first few coats are not very photogenic.
I'll post more pics when I've progressed them along a bit more.



Junt said...

looks like you're having a ball

Unknown said...

Love that sniper conversion!

Eddy Artillery said...

Thanks Lee!

Really simple to do as well.