19 Mar 2014

Feng shui.....

....or the art of packing out a table with scenery!

I got round to spraying the Spartan Resin interiors yesterday lunchtime and I decided that they would be a quick paint job so I bumped them to the front of the queue. Thankfully they were a quick job!

I've still got a couple of control stations to do but they will be a quick drybrushing with a little bit of detail work. Hopefully I'll get those done tonight once I've put a lick of varnish on these.



Junt said...

Damn it i'm gonna have to finish my Ju Ying and learn the rules to play on that fine scenery you're collecting

JamieM said...

Another Yu Jing player! Welcome to the fold :)

Very nicely done, simple and effective and will look great as you shoot me to bits over it!

pulpcitizen said...

Nice work. What will they be used for game-wise?

Eddy Artillery said...


Mainly Infinity and 40K but any system that suits......we have so many to choose from!