11 Mar 2014

Well that escalated quickly!

Yup. Infinity.

Two games in and I have splurged on the start of a second faction. If I'm being honest the leaked piccies of the new figures for the combined army are making me tempted for a third!

I'm so weak but I am not getting a third until at least one of my current ones is has enough fully painted figs to field.

So last night I put together all of the new figures for the Yu Jing. I'm hoping to get these sorted pretty quickly with some nice bold colour washed with Inks.

Yesterday was pretty constructive really as I managed to get the last of my Platforms set from Spartan undercoated so I can get started on that soon to bolster our scenery collection for Infinity.

It is great being able to spray things in the works car park. A real saver of my evening/weekend hobby time!



Silverback said...

WOW - you are in to this in a big way now.

I think you should paint cherry blossom on the all the cloaks and cloths.....

Unknown said...

Whereabouts are you guys playing? Over in Bath it's just starting to take off at Pigmar.

JamieM said...

We're near Reading - there seems to be a pretty small (but very dedicated) infinity community as far, as I can tell, when compared to the bigger games like GW & PP.

Fortunately we're a little group and when one of us gets excited by a game the others get dragged in too :)

Unknown said...

Ah yes, there are quite a few guys up in Reading getting into it currently, plus a bit of a scene there already at the Uni games club. I've played a couple of them before at a recent tournament.