15 Mar 2014

Fiends of slaanesh conversions

Finally! These chaos have been sitting around half finished and unloved for, quite literally, years. They started life as conversions for a beasts of chaos warhammer force I used in a doubles tournament in about 2006 I reckon using the first ever fiends of slaanesh legs and beast men torsos, heads and arms.  They then were slightly converted again to have a head swap and to try to get claws on the ends of the arms...... Which kept falling off, no matter what glue I used. So they got put back in their drawer as I was demoralised about them.....

Until about two weeks ago when I decided to get them done. So, off came the existing arms and on went arms from the warhammer dryads that I got the heads from. A little bit of green stuff, some simple painting and here they are, ready to rend in the name of slaanesh.


pulpcitizen said...

Nice conversion work there. :)

Eddy Artillery said...

I would say that I'm loving these but I've been on the receiving end of the daemons!! Ouch!