3 Mar 2014

My first HH model


So I purchased a Mechanicum Castellax from Ebay which travelled a long way to be here ;) and was 25% cheaper than the RRP!

Anyway, I have to admit that the overall quality is pretty good apart from some of the thinner areas which are too thin and break easily, such as the vertical bits of the shoulder pads and  at the top of the legs.

Anyway, when I received the bag with the bits in I thought I had been had, as it was all small pieces!  I guess that comes from having assembled some tyranids MC and a Riptide, but the bits seemed impossibly small to make a dread sized model.  Here are all the bits with their sprue


However, after a little playing and looking at pictures - I got there, and even had a couple of extra bits for conversions... :)


Eddy Artillery said...


HH is going to be AWESOME!!

Junt said...