18 Mar 2014

Drowning in MDF!

I'd recently sprayed the first of my Spartan Scenics sets with grey primer and so I've set myself the task of getting this set finished and on the table to use for Infinity. It is perfect for Infinity as the stacking units easily give you the split level feel and lots of sneaky places for snipers to hide in.

I think Spartan have under played the modularity of this kit as I quickly realised that you can leave all of the walls on the larger pieces unglued and this in turn means you can use the set in any way you want especially when combined with the other sets.

Now...the long job of painting the bloody things!



JamieM said...

I really like the look of these things, reckon they'll look ace when done and really add that feeling of height.

Von said...

Height? I hate to think what the chap on top is thinking: other than "how the f**k do I get down again?"

Can't wait to try out Infinity...