17 Nov 2016

A small update.

I didn't get to do any hobbying last night as Urn and Junt came round from a game of Zombiecide: Black Plague. Great game! I think I discovered a broken combination last night as I had Cadance, an archer type, armed with a cool bow and extra arrows giving her re-rolls.

Absolutely devastating! She had over 100 experience by the end of the game! Anyone whose played a Zombiecide game will know that this is a high kill count. Broken, like I said, but fun to do. I don't mind this in Zombiecide as there was definitely a point in the game where things were far from certain.

Got a tiny bit of tinkering done at lunchtime so two more figures prepped for 2017 and the mission to paint 365 figures in a year. Tall order but I'm feeling up to the challenge!

Iron Train (or doom train if the mood takes me) & the figure I'm going to use for Tritonius.


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