16 Nov 2016

Next up is.....

...the last part of the first incarnation of the scrapyard:

The Owners caravan.

A cracking kit from Sarissa which is a good size for the price. I'm not a huge fan of the large base but it's nothing to really moan about in the greater scheme of things. It'll need some sort of texturing and I might take the opportunity to add some small bits of trash. I might even have a stab at sculpting some black rubbish bags to pile up near the porch.

This was dry-brushed with a dark brown then a bubonic yellow brown followed by bleached bone. After that I used a Vallejo Ivory to finish the main colour. I want it to look old, worn and weathered so I didn't add a pure white as the final layer. A quick bit of masking and the pale blue strip was slapped on.

It still needs weathering and wear and tear adding but that shouldn't take to long.

Lunchtime was again fruitful.....

As I managed to prep the figures I am going to use as Ace of Wraiths and Tangent for Pulp City.


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