3 Sept 2011

The A.R.C are coming!

First of the A.R.C. is painted. He still needs army painter and a spray of Testors but that'll have to wait until I've got a few more painted.

He was quick to do as I used a mix of red and chainmail to get a metallic pink (as predicted by the Silverback) over which I used Baal Red & Badab Black. This reduced the brightness. The details were quick to pick out and I decided to put on some transfers to break up the belly area because the model does have quite a few large smooth areas.

As he has a large base I was able to put a curb corner on for a bit of base detailing. Hmmm not sure what I'm going to be able to do on the small ones bases.


pulpcitizen said...

At the rate you guys are going, I expect you to have more painted Pulp City than me by months end!

Before varnishing, is it worth picking out the arc plaque on the chest?

Eddy Artillery said...

ahem. Yes.

I didn't miss that. Honest.


Silverback said...

Looking good, prior to the chest plate issues.

Can't wait for the others to follow.

JamieM said...

Forward for the revolution komrades! Great choice on red, silver would have been fine, but perhaps a little predictable.