16 Sept 2011

JUNT is mad.

One of our followers on here is an old friend. He is mad. The photo is evidence enough as it depicts the first 19 of his buildings currently under construction.

Juntsville appears to be very close to the painting stage. This is good because I think some softly spoken gentlemen have turned up outside Junt's gaff with a sedative and a new long sleaved jacket for him!



JamieM said...

Can't believe he out-nathaned Nathan ;)

That is a properly impressive sight, looks fantastic.

Makes our struggles to get scenery up for pulp and malifaux seem rather lame!

Junt said...

It's what happens when you have 3 weeks leave to use up and nothing better to do.

Silverback said...

looking very good indeed, you just need to get some figures for one of the games that use these now.... malifaux anyone?

Junt said...

Been looking, but just brought some spandex clad figures, I am so easily tempted.