6 Sept 2011

Malifaux - Branching Out

So I recently added Rusty Alice to my arcansists pool of figures to use, one of the things that she can do is summon  a Steampunk Abomination.

Well when I went to research these beauties I found a couple of other figures that fitted with the Construct/M&SU gang that I am building up.

So I present to you the following (from left to right)

Renegade Steamfitter Johan
Desolation Engine
4 x Steampunk abominations

Here you can see the creepiest boys band to hit the victorian streets

And of course the big 2..

1 comment:

Eddy Artillery said...

Rusty Alice?

Is that like a rusty sherriffs badge? ;-)

Looking forward to seeing these in person tonight!