12 Sept 2011

On the Painting table this week!

Just a quick post to show what is on the table this week.

In no particular order are: 

16 Hell Dorado Figures
4 new Pulp City Heroes
6 pieces of wall terrain to supplement the Graveyard
9 smaller DW ships,
2 x Scout Flyers
the 2 mighty behemoths of the air and sea for the EoBS for DW.


Eddy Artillery said...

Why do I get the impression that most of these will be painted by the weekend?


JamieM said...

And I thought my painting table was crowded! Good to see the he'll dorado figures on there.... If you get yours painted then I'll need to do mine too!

pulpcitizen said...

Nice eclectic mix - both in styles/genres and in scales. Look fowards to seeing all done. Tea-time tomorrow then?

JamieM said...

Eclectic is a very good word to describe the figures in our painting tables at the moment. The only problem is finding the time to play them all!