1 Sept 2011

A little progress...

but only a little. Tuesday night i got a chance to tinker with the warehouse whilst the Silverback and Urn tried to duff each other up. I've not added the pavement/base for the building and I've only really got a bit more detailing to do before I paint it. I have decided to PVA sand to the roof to make it look like a tar and gravel flat roof.

I'm also going to add capping stones to the side wall and also a large advertising sign for the roof. That probably will not be fix but I'll decide once I've knocked it together.

I managed, last night, finally to get my PC figs based and hopefully I'll be able to squirt some undercoat on them tonight ready for painting at the weekend.


pulpcitizen said...

Very nice. Looking forwards to seeing this painted.

Do you ever frequent LAF? A member there (Pappa Midnight) has done some incredible Victorian influenced buildings with the same blue foam material and has some very quick and easy techniques for painting.

Eddy Artillery said...

Pappa Midnights stuff is awesome! Saw it when I was trolling around looking for ideas for Pulp and Malifaux.

JamieM said...

Looks even better in the flesh with the removable doors.

And you had for more success with progressing this than the Silverback and I had duffing each other up - we were like nervous teenagers at a school disco, dancing around just out of range of each other!

Here's hoping pulp city proves a little more terminal for the figures. Everyone knows superheroes never die after all, they just come back in issue #324 instead ;)

Silverback said...

having seen this is the flesh so to speak, this looks so much better than in the pic.

It has to be said that the idea for the large advertising hoarding (either solid or a frame with dayglo letters) is inspired. For me it is this sort of detail (albeit large in this case) that make the board.

As we have seen in the past with the Wild West train on the board.

Which reminds me - we need to start another campaign way out west again....

Eddy Artillery said...


Break out the old west!


JamieM said...

It's definitely in the pipeline, 'twas probably the best campaign we ever played... But more malifaux craziness and super powered mayhem shall ensue first!

And we have a new pirates game to play too :)