18 Sept 2011

Finally, some spandex clad heroes!

So, these guys (and 1 gal) took me a little longer than I anticipated. I know, I know, it's because you think I was working on other weird and wonderful miniatures, right?
Well, yes and no. Yes because there were a few Malifaux figures, etc. that have been painted, but no because I found myself wanting to try new things with them. When painting this few figures I found myself wanting to highlight them much more than I normally do. And with all the colours required when painting spandex, I spent a little more time thinking about the colours that I'd use to make sure they only looked as brightly coloured as super heroes should be and hopefully not too garish or dull.
So, the first two are my flying supremes. I wanted a different scheme for Solar and the red and green came to me when thinking of an old school DC hero whose name escapes me. I went with the blond hair to give a splash of something different in him.
Perun is a super hero harnesing the power of storms, so I wanted to paint to those colours. But I didn't want him to seem cold, so I gave him a warm flesh tone and hair colour to try to balance out the grey, blue and silver. Lots of layered highlighting on this one and I really enjoyed it! normally I'm a base colour-wash-base colour as a highlight painter, which works for armies, but I found myself taking more time with these and really enjoying it.
Next up is Hellsmith. he's a baddy and again, I wanted to mix the warm flesh and warm accent colour (red) with the cold silver weapons. Pleased with the result and multiple layered flesh highlights as I'm trying to improve my flesh colours after being given some advice that I couldn't paint flesh properly....
The final two are aliens, so I decided to go with livid green skin and torquiose/jade clothing as I could be as bright as I liked and hopefully it would all tie in. Really enjoyed the painting again as I think the extreme highlights suit the genre well. Happier with the big chap, but then his sculpt was a lot nicer IMO so that probably both helped and influenced where I spent my time. The big chap also got a shock of blond hair as he is half human so I wanted to play to that ancestry too.
So, 5 painted and only 1 level one amongst them. Oops. I had to go where the paintbrush led me, and it led me to brightly coloured spandex and pseudo Greek gods. Love it :)
Couple more level ones on their way to round the figures out and then it'll be on with the buildings.


pulpcitizen said...

Great stuff! Nice mix of palettes there and I like the talk-through. Kudos. :)

that DC hero? I think the Golden Age Starman from the 1940's (2nd image down):


Or Mr Terrific:


Eddy Artillery said...

Figures look great Urn! This is going to look soooo cool when we bring it all together. I've only got a few more to paint and then we can concentrate on getting last of the scenery done.

JamieM said...

I think it was probably star man, but I think my memory superimposed somebody elses head on him as I certainly didn't remember that goofy hat!

I'm really looking forward to getting these down to start playing. Plenty of scenery still to do though and I'm itching to get more of the supers painted up.

Glad we manages to find this game as it certainly offers something very different from a figures perspective :)

Silverback said...

Your idea to put them on flying bases is inspired. I love whole feel to you figures.

V Cool

Glad to see with all the higher levels, your hobby mind overtook your sensible gaming mind - that is a good thing :)