16 Sept 2011

Malifaux Scenery

Just a quick up date on my progress with my test house for Malifaux. Quite a simple one really but it has giving me the confidence to try adding extra details like loft windows etc on the next one.

The roof is time consuming but quite relaxing to do.

Just the windows to stick on and it will be ready to paint!


JamieM said...

Very nice indeed. Sensible approach too, get all the basics right on a house or two before launching into crazy amounts of detail.

pulpcitizen said...

Shaping up nicely. :)

Junt said...

Looks familiar just 20 odd more to do to catch up. Working on Second Church now then a massive painting operation.

Eddy Artillery said...

Junt..having seen your efforts, that looked like an aerial recon photo of a town in europe, I can honestly say that I think you may have gone slightly mad.

In a good way of course!

Junt said...

Be thankful I only have a 3x3 to fill

Silverback said...

very good indeed, once you have the templates sorted pass them around so we can all have a go.