15 Feb 2016

A little progress

I am resolved to knuckle down and get some of the rather numerous infantry done for HH so with this in mind I have recommenced painting the IHs.

I went for a themed colour scheme rather than the IH standard (dull) paint job but this did entail using red over black which always needs more than one coat. There is probably an easier way to paint them but I'm trying for a sort of burnished/ old metal feel to the armour trim so I'm having to add the main colour after the initial dry brushing.

This is them after the first coat on the red areas.

Anvil Industries figures but I think they make great 30K era marines.

Still to do:

2nd coat red
battle damage, weathering and muzzle dis-colouration

Plenty to keep me busy. Oh and I have sooo many infantry to do after these.


1 comment:

JamieM said...

These guys really did become pawns of the mechanicum, didn't they? Nice scheme.